• About us

Onya Therapeutics is a biotech start-up focused on the development of wound care therapies. We have a pipeline of concepts entering preclinical and late stage discovery.

Our primary assets, OTX PP01 and OTX PP02 deliver a known and well characterised active compound in a unique, patented technology.

Our lead product, OTX PP01, will be used on overly exuding wounds and is initially being developed to treat chronic wounds.

OTX PP02 is in late stage discovery and is being developed for acute, traumatic wounds.

As a spin-out from Neem Biotech, based in Wales, UK we have been able to leverage Neem’s chemistry and biology expertise in natural structures and their antimicrobial properties to identify novel drug candidates, such as OTX 0522. The use of these drug candidates will support the antimicrobial resistance (AMR) programs helping to eliminate inappropriate use of antibiotics in wound care.


A world in which patients are able to embrace life again with confidence,  supported by advanced wound therapies. 

Our Mission

To reduce the use of antibiotics in wound care and the risk of antimicrobial resistance.

We are ONYA

Onya Therapeutics has brought together a team of expert scientists, clinicians, industry veterans and entrepreneurs on a mission to bring novel therapeutics to the challenges in wound care.

Partners & investors

We collaborate with strategic industry partners and investors, along with leading academic research institutions to support the development of our novel solutions in wound healing.

Please reach out if you’re interested in contributing clinical insights to our research or working with us to develop new products and technologies.