• Developing novel wound
    healing technologies

Onya Therapeutics is a wound care company dedicated to healing wounds. We are committed to developing novel wound care treatments that speed up healing and help restore a patient’s quality of life. Our products are designed to treat wounds with best-in-class technologies that deliver superior clinical outcomes for patients.

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About Onya

Grounded in innovation, we are able to make significant breakthroughs in chronic wound care

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The Science

Our approach is based on developing novel treatments that will safely and effectively address unmet clinical needs focussing on excess exudate and sparing, thereby reducing antimicrobial resistance

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Collaborate with us

Embracing great ideas. We always seek like-minded partners who aim to bring new solutions to market

Latest News
Feb 5, 2020

Onya Therapeutics, a new private biotech company developing products for hard-to-treat and chronic wounds, has been launched today. Onya was established as a spin out from Neem Biotech, a biotech company focused on the discovery of anti-virulence and...