• Pipeline

OTX PP01 & OTX PP02 are de-risked projects with a fast time to market. Due to the historical usage of the active compound and the clinical safety and toxicity data available, we do not anticipate a requirement for a phase I study.

OTX PP01 is a controlled drug delivery patch treating excess exudate. This results in quicker healing times while improving patients quality of life through less frequent dressing changes and complications associated with excess exudate and/or infection. This will reduce the clinical and financial burden of expensive wound management tools, while enabling wounds to return to their healing state.

OTX PP02 is being designed for acute wounds at high risk of infection. The key advantages of OTX PP02 is a targeted and sustained release rate and extended application time. 

Quorum sensing and virulence factor inhibitors

There is a significant need for new therapeutic agents to combat bacterial infection & targeting biofilms. Onya is in the early stages of pursuing quorum sensing and virulence factor inhibition, an alternative approach to preventing the spread of infection by;

  • attacking bacteria’s invasion and protection mechanisms
  • decreasing the effects of bacterial infection
  • enabling the body to recognise and overcome infection

Onya Therapeutics has identified OTX0522, a proprietary compound, as its lead for preclinical development.