• Pipeline

PP01 is an astringent and antimicrobial controlled drug delivery patch of potassium permanganate. PP01 is a 30 minute application during dressing change for the treatment of excess exudate and infection. Treating excess exudate and infection will lead to quicker healing times, as well as reducing the need for daily dressing changes and enabling broader application of wound treatments. This will reduce the clinical and financial burden of expensive wound management tools, while enabling wounds to return to their healing state.

The primary clinical indication of PP01 is for the treatment of moderate to heavily exuding diabetic foot ulcers. We expect no formal Phase I study to be required due to historical usage of potassium permanganate. The clinical safety and toxicity data of potassium permanganate is available within scientific literature. A Phase II trial is planned in patients to evaluate the benefit of PP01 on the severity level of the ulcer and the level of exudate. 

PP02 is being evaluated for use in emergency situations, within the military and first responders. The key advantages of PP02 is a sustained release rate and extended application time. We believe this will prevent infection at the site of the wound and prevent transmission of pathogens from patient blood and exudate to first responders. Our aim is to develop PP02 to be effective against bacterial, fungal and viral pathogens meeting an unmet need for both military and emergency healthcare teams.


Quorum sensing and virulence factor inhibitors

Quorum sensing is an essential component of all bacteria transitioning from commensals to pathogens. Cell surface signaling from bacteria in a colony trigger; biofilm formation for protection, bacterial phasecontrol, virulence factor production, Hemolysins, adhesins and many other toxins, the production of further auto inducers to attract more bacteria. 

Onya Therapeutics has identified OTX522, a proprietary patent-pending compound, as its lead for preclinical development. OTX522 has been shown to inhibit biofilm formation, decrease global virulence factor production and to inhibit spreading infection.