• Wound care

Healing wounds remains a global healthcare challenge. Delayed wound healing creates a huge social and economic burden on society.   For people living with wounds, it affects their quality of life and can lead to social isolation, anxiety, and even mortality.  Treating wounds is costly with chronic wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers, venous leg ulcers, arterial ulcers and pressure ulcers persisting for years.

Many different factors delay wound healing, including excess exudate, infection and biofilms.

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of all wounds have excess exudate
Internet survey, Onya Therapeutics 2019

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of trauma wounds become infected
Military Medicine 2019; 184 Nov/Dec Suppl.

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of chronic wounds harbor biofilms
J Wound Care 2017; 26

Our approach

To address the significant need for new therapeutics that reduce the use of antibiotics in wound care and improve patients quality of life.

Onya Therapeutics are developing a novel patented drug delivery technology and investigating compounds shown to prevent the spread of infection by attacking bacteria’s invasion and protection mechanisms.

Our Solutions


A patented, targeted release patch that utilises an established and safe active compound. The patch properties address excess wound exudate and associated complications.


An adapted controlled release patch to reduce risk of infection in trauma wounds.

OTX 0522

Patented quorum sensing and virulence factor inhibitors to treat and prevent wound infection.

Anti microbials

There is a significant need for new therapeutic agents to combat bacterial infection. Onya is in the early stages of pursuing quorum sensing and virulence factor inhibition, an alternative approach to preventing the spread of infection by attacking bacteria’s invasion and protection mechanisms, decreasing the effects of bacterial infection and enabling the body to recognise and overcome infection.